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Destinations for early summer sun-seekers
Posted on 12/03/2017


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If you are looking to escape what seems like an endless winter, these sunny spots might be perfect for a little last-minute spring break to top up the tan and feel those summer temperatures a bit early.

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  • Thailand

    With hundreds of islands to choose from with glistening beaches and clear blue waters, Thailand could be your early piece of sun-kissed heaven this year.

  • Canary Islands
    Canary Islands

    With an appealing all-year-round mild climate, any of the Canary Islands would be ideal for an early getaway and some guaranteed sunshine.

  • Cyprus

    Have the island pretty much to yourselves if you go slightly before the peak season hits Cyprus. The sun will be out and ready to bring you that little bit of warmth you are in desperate need of.

  • Bali

    The first non-rainy month of the year with an average temperature of 31 degrees is April, and prices are lower before high season hits - so make the most of those sunny days!

  • Goa

    For true heat-lovers, the temperatures are really starting to rise in Goa so head over there for cheap accommodation and a sunny Indian adventure.