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On the trail of the world's most sinister vampire legends
Posted on 08/10/2016

CultureUnited States of America

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For centuries stories of vampires, the likes of Dracula, the Highgate Vampire and Nosferatu, have fascinated and terrified us in equal measure. Whether you believe the tales or not, these blood suckers have left plenty of traces for those who enjoy a macabre edge to world exploration.

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  • New Orleans: city of the dead
    New Orleans: city of the dead

    For centuries New Orleans has been rumoured to host phantoms, vampires and otherworldly creatures. It's said to be the most haunted American city, whilst the state of Louisiana is considered something of a vampire capital. The origin of all these myths may be the story of Jacques St-Germaine, a European count who turned up in New Orleans in the 1700s. He reportedly kept bottles of wine mixed with human blood in his cellar, and a tour of the city's French Quarter will tell you more about his peculiar life.

  • Romania: welcome to Dracula's house
    Romania: welcome to Dracula's house

    The Romanian town of Sighisoara is home to none other than Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Count Dracula. Today this medieval town features on the UNESCO World Heritage list and its old town still has a gloomy, fortified feel to it. Pay a visit to Bran Castle, home of the vampire count, as well as Dracula's vineyard in Lesinta and Snagov monastery, where he is buried.

  • Dublin: Bram Stoker
    Dublin: Bram Stoker

    The father of Dracula, famous Irish author Bram Stoker, grew up far away from the castles of Romania in the Dublin suburb of Clontarf. You can still pay a visit to his house at 15 Marino Crescent and tuck into a nicely rare burger at Bram's café at 4 St Aidan's Park Rd.

  • Forks: on the Twilight trail
    Forks: on the Twilight trail

    Fans of the Twilight books or films should book on to the next flight to Seattle for a slightly more modern vampire trail. From there, take the road out to the tiny town of Forks where visitors can now visit the Twilight Zone, an area containing all the houses of the main characters, as well as the High School, La Push beach and even the cliff that Bella jumps from. If you're lost at this point, Forks is not for you.

  • London: the Highgate vampire
    London: the Highgate vampire

    There's only one obligatory stop for blood suckers in London and that's Highgate Cemetery. The graveyard made headlines in the 1970s after a local man Seán Manchester claimed in a local paper that 'a King Vampire of the Undead' was wandering the town. Manchester said that he had been awoken by a group of modern Satanists and needed to be eliminated. It ended in a mass Vampire Hunt, where 'hunters' from all over London swarmed into Highgate Cemetery looking for the monster. Nothing was found.


Hovering indistinctly somewhere between myth and reality, the existence of vampires has fascinated generations. From stories of a centuries-old vampire in the Scottish Highlands to modern-day Twilight tales of vampire families in Forks, we haven't managed to shake our taste for the macabre.

Those looking for a horrifying Halloween trip, or something to satiate their appetite for adventure, will find that these eight destinations are wild with bloody-thirsty tales. Prepare your garlic, stakes and holy water... Considéré comme l'un des plus beaux bâtiments de l'Écosse, le château de Glamis a été le théâtre de plusieurs scènes d'horreur. Siège de la famille Strathmore, on raconte qu'un enfant difforme a été séquestré toute sa vie dans cette demeure. Selon la légende, on dit que cette famille maudite donne naissance à un enfant-vampire.

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