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Best destinations to top up your tan
Posted on 05/06/2017


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The best souvenir to bring back from any holiday is a golden glow. Here are the top 10 destinations for gleaning that fabulously sun-kissed look.

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  • Santorini

    Not only is Santorini a fabulously romantic destination with a dramatic volcanic backdrop, it makes a wonderful suntrap. Take care not to leave looking like one of the quintessentially paint-peeled walls, though.

  • Dubai

    Although temperatures can reach sizzling heights, Dubai makes an unrivalled choice for a holiday destination with the sole intention of tanning. Just don't forget the suncream!

  • Morocco

    Magnificent Morocco offers fantastic spots such as Essaraouia guaranteed to put a smile on any sun addict's face. Surf, sand and sea sound good to us.

  • Devon

    The cynics may smirk, but the UK can in fact receive some potent rays. The likes of Devon make a brilliant choice to attain a beautifully bronzed body.

  • Corfu

    Corfu is a multi-faceted island which will delight sun-seekers just as much as the foodies who head there for a taste of the action. You'll leave glowing.


There's nothing more envy inducing than greeting your friends and family upon your return to the UK with a shimmering golden glow, is there?

From the scorching heat in the Middle East to the craggy cliffs of the Algarve, we've lined up the top 10 destinations to top up your tan.

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