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Top 12 city breaks for hipsters
Posted on 06/06/2017


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We haven't written this on an old-skool new era typewriter, but here are our top 12 city destinations for hipsters.

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  • Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires

    You only need glance at funky areas San Telmo and La Boca to know that Buenos Aires is a mecca for bohemians and hipsters alike. A Rolling Stones t-shirt is an essential - everyone will think you're a local.

  • Berlin

    Vegan cafes line the graffiti-adorned streets in theGerman capital. The city emanates an air of effortless cool, and from its hardcore techno scene to its quirky art venues, any hipster can while away hours strolling the city in the comfort of their Doc Martens.

  • Bristol

    Buzzing Bristol will put a smile on any hipster's face, although it is anything but try-hard. The stretch of Stokes Croft in the centre of town is a hub for art, music and culture, whilst you'll find more off the wall reggae venues in St Paul's.

  • London

    London's East end attests to the multicultural tapestry of which the English capital is comprised. In between all of the retro shopping off Brick Lane, hipsters can gorge on whatever their heart desires in Shoreditch, be it a bowl of retro cereal or a slice of cheese and Marmite doused pizza.

  • Ljubljana

    Green in both colour and mentality, the beautiful Slovenian capital screams understated cool. Extremely cyclist and pedestrian friendly, Ljubljana was actually hipster before hipster became a thing. Go to Metelkova to see a pocket of hippie counterculture within the city itself.


From the grit and grunge of Berlin, to the ubiquitous ethically-sourced flat whites around Melbourne, we've lined up the top 12 city destinations across the globe for the hipsters among us.

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your Red Stripe and mason jars and book those flights!

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