Posted on 24/09/2020

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Discover London's most interesting streets with this new map

Since the coronavirus pandemic, people have changed the way they travel and move from one place to another. More and more, we tend to prioritize walking or cycling rather than using public transport. In order to emphasize even more this new trend, a project called Footways has been creating a new map of London, which shows the capital's quieter and more interesting streets. Local experts, neighborhood councils, businesses and cultural organizations have been working on the project for the past 18 months.

Rediscover the city

Rediscover the city © Boris Stroujko / 123RF

The routes included in the new map's network are all in Zone 1, spreading from Regent's Park to South Bank and from Whitechapel to Hyde Park.

Footways is mixing transport hubs, tourist spots, quiet roads and green spaces in its map, offering a new and unusual way to discover the city, and promoting walking to Londoners as a more efficient and healthier option for travelling.

The result of a collaboration between London Living Streets, a charity, and Transport for London, the map is a great reminder that walking is often almost as fast as using public transport in London, and that it has tons of benefits for your physical and mental health.

London Living Streets commented: "We want walking to become a recognised form of transport again, for people to walk more and further on everyday journeys. But for walking to become a habit, it must be safe, easy and enjoyable."

For London Living Streets and Transport for London, the aim is to push both locals and tourists to explore the city by foot and to get off the beaten track.

Christina Calderato, Head of Transport Strategy and Planning at TfL, said: "We're proud to join London Living Streets in introducing the new Footways map, which is a beautifully illustrated guide to all that London has to offer. These quiet and accessible routes highlight just how easy and surprisingly quick it is to explore our city on foot.

"Throughout this pandemic, we've been reminded of the value of our health, and walking is ideal for giving both our mental and physical health a welcome boost. Encouraging more people to introduce more walking into their daily routine will also be vital for improving air quality and reducing congestion, making London a nicer place to live for all."

You can get your own copy of the Footways map at some London locations for free, buy it from Urban Good or access it online.