Disneyland Paris Sued Over Crème Brûlée Burns


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Bristolian Erica Osbourne recalls how she was engulfed by a fireball and gives her thoughts on Disney's response to the scarring incident.

Disney has said the safety of their guests is their highest priority

Disney has said the safety of their guests is their highest priority
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A fireball from your crème brûlée is "the last thing you expect," when on a family holiday at Disneyland, but it's exactly what happened to a 37 year old mother from Bristol,Erica Osbourne whilst on holiday at the brand's Paris resort.

Eating with her 10 year old daughter Abigail, in the park's Newport Bay Hotel Restaurant, Mrs. Osborne's table was attended to by a chef who came to ignite the sugar atop her crème brûlée with a blowtorch.

In her own words she explained that "The chef lit the sugar and a massive fireball came across the counter towards me,

"I was so terrified that I froze to the spot, but I remember an intense heat on my face,

"Abigail told me later that I was screaming 'Help me! I'm on fire.' My jumper and my face were on fire.

"One of the chefs jumped over the counter and him and a customer bundled me to the ground and rolled me around to put out the flames.

"I opened my eyes to see everybody staring at me and there were all of these children screaming. My face was really painful and felt very hot."

Mrs. Osborne had suffered second degree burns to her face and arms and parts of her hair and eyebrows had been burnt away. Five months later she says her face is still severely burnt.

Osborne's greatest concern was for her daughter though stating. "She was literally two seconds away from being hit by the fireball and it terrifies me. She has said since that she wanted to run away from the restaurant as she was so scared. She has had nightmares about it since.

"Several months on and she says she still pictures me on fire when she closes her eyes."

Osbourne's burns were treated for a number of hours by paramedics at the scene before she was then transferred to a hospital, however she is unhappy with Disneyland Paris' response to her injuries.

She claims that the manager of the restaurant had compared her injuries to "falling off a bike," and that another employee had blamed the fireball on her possibly wearing too much perfume, an allegation she denies.

Following the incident, which occurred in February, Mrs. Osbourne has filed a lawsuit against Disneyland Paris with her stated aim being "A written apology and for them to make sure this doesn't happen again."

Mrs. Osbourne is being represented by law firm Slater and Gordon who have said "This was a terrifying incident that could have resulted in much more serious consequences.

"It was only by pure luck that a child was not seriously injured and only down to the quick thinking of a couple of people that Mrs. Osbourne did not suffer more serious burns."

In response a Disneyland Paris spokeswoman said: "The safety and security of our guests is our number one priority. Incidents of this type are extremely rare.

"As this is an ongoing legal issue which is in the process of being resolved, it would be inappropriate to discuss this further at this time."

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