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Dubai skyscraper announces terrifying sky walkway
Posted on 30/04/2016

NewUnited Arab Emirates

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Adrenaline junkies will soon have one more reason to visit Dubai...

Visitors to Dubai will soon be able to enjoy panoramic views over the city's skyline from a vertigo-inducing, glass-floored walkway. Situated on the 80th floor of the Aykon building, the attraction aims to give the impression of 'walking on air' 935 feet above the ground.

An 'entirely new perspective on the city'

An 'entirely new perspective on the city'
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The fittingly named Aykon Dare is said to offer visitors, on a clear day, a 40-mile view along the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border. Much like the CN Tower's Edge Walk in Toronto, daredevils will be strapped into a harness on the 78th floor where they can then walk along an open-air ledge before ascending to the glass "viewing capsule" two floors above.

The huge Aykon skyscraper makes up part of the city's new six-tower luxury hotel and apartment development in the centre of Dubai. Aykon City's website describes the jaw-dropping walk as a "magnificent al fresco experience for the adventurous that offers an entirely new perspective on the city and a breath-taking adrenaline rush."

The site also offers those who don't fancy walking the 245-metre plank the chance to take a 360 degree virtual tour. Probably almost as good as the real thing but you won't get your cobwebs blown away.

The announcement of the walkway comes just a month after Dubai released plans for a new $1 billion tower that is to exceed the height of the Burj Khalifa. Planned as the centrepiece of the Dubai creek area, the building is said to have been inspired by the hanging gardens of babylon.

If you are brave enough to make the climb, the views are sure to be rewarding - if you can prise your fingers from your eyes for long enough to look.

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