Dubai will soon ease liquor laws for tourists
Posted on 26/07/2019

EconomyUnited Arab Emirates

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Tourists and non-Muslim residents will soon be able to apply for a 30-day permit to buy alcohol from a subsidiary of Emirates Group.

Easing restrictions

Easing restrictions
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Dubai is set to start selling alcohol in stores for the first time. Non-Muslim residents and tourists over the age of 21 will be allowed to apply for a 30-day permit.

Under the current law, visitors and non-Muslim residents can only purchase alcohol in a bar, club, or restaurant.

The alcohol permit will be free of charge and allows foreign travellers to buy alcohol from Mercantile and Marketing International shops, a subsidiary of Emirates Group.

17 authorised retailers are set to open around the emirate, all of which will be allowed to furnish visitors and non-Muslim residents with alcohol permits.

While it's a step in loosening the rules, it's still a crime under UAE law to consume alcohol or be visibly drunk in public. Anyone caught violating the law can be imprisoned for a maximum of six months, slapped with a maximum fine of 5,000 AED (1,094 GBP) or both.

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