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Dublin airport brings in new accessibility features
Posted on 06/12/2019


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Dublin airport has introduced new measures to make customer's flying experience more accessible as part of their 'important flyer program'.

Airports are chaotic and stressful at the best of times but this feeling can become nastily overwhelming for those with long term conditions such as dementia or autism.

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In light of this, a key part of Dublin Airport's Important Flyer Program includes the creation of a sensory room specifically aimed at improving the journeys of passengers with special needs by alleviating travel anxiety.

The facilities include relaxing music, mood lighting, bean bags, comfortable seating, digital display panels, tactile panels, textured flooring and stimulating games.

The airport is offering free 60-minute sessions to those in need, with the only requirements being the passengers have a doctor's note and call to organise their space in advance. The room is accessible from both terminals and is versatile to adapt to the individual needs of Important Flyers. Specifically, this means the space can either be calming and relaxing or stimulating and interactive.

Important Flyers will also be given the opportunity to wear lanyards or wristband to alert airport staff and crew to their unique needs or any potential assistance and understanding they require.

Dublin Airport is following the lead from Shannon Airport which was the first European airport to introduce a sensory room to their site.