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Dublin: taking on St Patrick's Day in the Irish capital
Posted on 03/03/2017


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Bringing together people, traditions, music, food and of course many a pint of Guinness - get ready for St Patrick's Day in the iconic city of Dublin.

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  • A guide to Dublin
    A guide to Dublin

    From chowing down on great Irish recipes to sampling the local music scene, St Patrick's Day offers a whole host of special events for visitors and locals alike.

  • Celebrate like the true Irish in one of Dublin's many pubs
    Celebrate like the true Irish in one of Dublin's many pubs

    When visiting Dublin, spend some time in one of their classic old pubs, where you'll encounter colourful locals, fantastic live music and plenty of Guinness. A traditional pint of stout will make the city experience all the more memorable.

  • Irish dancing at the Festival Céilí
    Irish dancing at the Festival Céilí

    The festival offers a great chance to get involved and learn for yourself the art of Irish dancing.

  • Try local brews at the Irish Craft Beer Market
    Try local brews at the Irish Craft Beer Market

    See what exactly goes into making Ireland's pub culture so darn tasty.

  • Take a walking tour around the city (or a food tour!)
    Take a walking tour around the city (or a food tour!)

    As well as a range of historic buildings, the city is home to a fantastic selection of restaurants.


Dublin, an intimately compact city with elegant Georgian architecture and cobblestoned streets in an attractive seaside location, has a culture and heritage that draws twice as many visitors as residents every year. With recognisable charm and charming locals, it's easy to fall in love with the Irish capital.

But the city never feels more alive than on March 17 for the famous celebrations of St Patrick's Day. The national holiday makes for a great time to visit Dublin, with high spirits and plenty of events to keep visitors constantly on their feet.

The traditional festivities date back 2,000 years to commemorate Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and has now become a national holiday to celebrate the heritage and culture of the country.

The key feature of the St Patrick's Day festivities is the giant parade that takes over the city along a two-mile route. The parade is full of colourful floats, marching bands, huge puppets, men on stilts dressed in green robes, all cheered on by a raucous crowd of celebrators in an variety of costumes, hats and green face paint.

After the parade, the festivities continue throughout the city centre with Irish music billowing through the streets and dance groups, arm-in-arm, skipping and hopping their way through the crowds.

'Sample some of the best in Irish culture'

Festivities aside, the holiday provides a chance to sample some of the best in Irish culture. There are lessons in Irish dancing to try at the Festival Céilí, as well as the Craft Beer Market, walking tours of the city, boat races and much more.

But of course - head to Temple Bar where most of the fun takes place. You won't find this kind of atmosphere anywhere else in the world, with an assortment of Irish music, good pub grub and loud, friendly crowds, all to be washed down with a few Irish beers.

The Stag's Head, The Brazen Head, O'Donoghue's, Mulligan's and Kavanagh's are some of the favourites, but exploring the cobbled streets a little deeper you will find so much more.

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