EasyJet Release A Ten Hour Album Of Jet Engine White Noise

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We all know how frustrating a sleepless night can be, but budget airline EasyJet believe they've found the answer to the problem with a sleep inducing ten hour long album of jet engine noises!

The album was recorded at 39,000ft

The album was recorded at 39,000ft
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EasyJet has released its debut album and it was recorded all in one take! The album "Jet Sounds", a play on the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds", is a ten hour long recording of engine noise during a flight.

The hope, of course, is that the white noise from the ambient jet engines will help people get to sleep. Experts believe that white noise helps to block out disrupting noises that can prevent sleep, such as snoring or traffic, by providing a consistent background noise to block out any interruptions.

Poor sleep affects around 22 percent of people in the UK according to the Sleep Council. According to sleep expert Dr. Sandra L. Wheatley, who consulted on production of the record, "The soft, repetitive, ambient drone of white noise can drown out sounds, gently settle the brain and aid the on-set of sleep.

"There is also strong evidence that it can dampen out disruptive noises that can disturb our slumber. The low throb of a powerful jet engine is ideal for this. easyJet have captured the perfect tones."

The recording was made on a flight between London Gatwick and Nice with the tones of two CFM56 turbo fan engines providing the vocals for the track. The album has been released today, but faces competition in the singles chart from Pink, Bastille and Fall Out Boy who have also had new releases today.

All proceeds from the album, priced at 79p for the single and 7.99 for the extended mix, will be donated to The Children's Sleep Charity an organization dedicated to helping kids get a good night sleep.

For diehard fans of the turbo fan's dulcet tones a limited edition vinyl print is being made available for purchase. Or you can check out the album online on EasyJet's YouTube channel.

Tina Milton, EasyJet's head of cabin crew, said: "Since the introduction of the NEO plane with its quieter cabin, we've created a more relaxed environment for our customers. We thought we would share this experience and help our customers get a good night's rest in their own home, whilst helping to raise money to support The Children's Sleep Charity."

Vicki Dawson, founder and CEO of The Children's Sleep Charity, said: "This is a fantastic, fun idea from easyJet as we know repetitive, consistent white noise can help some people who suffer from disturbed sleep get a better night's rest - the gentle humming of a jet engine can help to support some children and families to get a better night's sleep.

"We're delighted that easyJet are donating the proceeds from the sale of the single and album to our charity, these funds will help us to further support children and families with sleep issues and provide accredited training for professionals."

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