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Emirates offering vegan menu options
Posted on 27/01/2020

AircraftUnited Arab Emirates

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As more and more people lead a vegan lifestyle, Emirates has adapted its menus to the needs of its customers.

New vegan menu options

New vegan menu options
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Emirates is promoting a campaign to include vegan options on board, especially during the month of January, with the introduction of vegan alternatives on its menu.

Vegan meals can be ordered in advance on all flights and classes up to 24 hours before flight departure. The company offers a vegan option on its menus as the fourth main course in First and Business Class on flights between Dubai and the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Addis Ababa and now also in Economy Class.

Last year, Emirates served 345,000 vegetable dishes to its customers on board and has over 170 vegan recipes. This January the airline will offer new creations such as Jalfrezi tofu (spiced and sautéed tofu accompanied by steamed wild rice and tandoori broccoli), shitake mushroom ravioli served with coriander pesto and edamame, chile ancho con frijoles (a stew of peppers and beans with corn tortillas, chimichurri and tofu aioli) and fried rice with mushrooms, sautéed asparagus and Marmite sauce.

The menus have been created by the company's team of chefs and nutritionists. Emirates serves cuisine inspired by the arrival destinations, and it's the world's largest airline caterer, serving over 110 million meals on board each year.