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EU Migrant crisis - leaders plan closed migrant centre
Posted on 29/06/2018


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Closed migrant centres are to be established across EU states to process asylum claims. The deal was concluded after talks were held in Brussels by EU representatives.

EU migration policies move forward

EU migration policies move forward

These centers are hosted on a voluntary basis and would determine whether illegal migrants will return them to their lawful country.

Furthermore, the resettlement of legitimate refugees would also take place on a voluntary basis.

EU leaders have communicated that the movement of those new to the EU will have strict and restricted movement regulations imposed on them between the member states.

Italy, the first destination for thousands of migrants mostly from Africa, has threatened to veto the summit's entire agenda if they were not offered a helping hand with migration issues.

There have been no details up to date on which countries will host the centers or welcome the refugees.

The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte then added, "after this summit, Europe is more responsible and offers more solidarity... Today Italy is no longer alone."