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Europe's 9 most achingly hipster neighbourhoods
Posted on 08/09/2015


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Everyone knows that Berlin is the original home of hipster, that London's Shoreditch houses the world's finest collection of bearded trend-setters... But the fashion for fur coats and food trucks has spread far beyond these well-known haunts, into some unexpected nooks and crannies of Europe.

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  • Erzsébetváros, Budapest
    Erzsébetváros, Budapest

    Budapest's 7th district was mostly destroyed during WWII but now offers the perfect hiding place for underground bars in abandoned buildings. You'll find concerts, film screenings and exhibitions hidden away in the neighbourhood's long uninhabited buildings and the feeling of an area slowly coming back to life.

  • Gracia, Barcelona
    Gracia, Barcelona

    Not far from Parc Guell and Casa Vicens, you'll find the narrow, boutique-lined streets of Gracia. Tiny squares, book shops and a vibrant street festival every August will keep you entertained for hours.

  • Beyoglu, Istanbul
    Beyoglu, Istanbul

    Everything oozes music here. From dimly lit jazz clubs and pumping clubs to laid back rooftop cafes, there's a little slice of Istanbul for everyone here. Sit back and enjoy the raki (the Turkish staple).

  • Kalamaja,Tallinn

    This is Tallinn's neighbourhood version of a design factory. Cafes, shops, markets and bars are kitted out with quirky objects and inventive extras to satisfy your cravings for the kitsch.

  • Miera Iela, Riga
    Miera Iela, Riga

    Its name translates to 'Peace Street' but behind unassuming facades, this street in the Latvian capital is a true hive of activity. Hip galleries have blossomed next to vintage shops, whilst florists and bookstores vye for your attention from one end to the other.