Europe's most spectacular natural wonders
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It may seem small from the outside, but Europe's dazzling diversity is second to none. From icy archipelagos in the Arctic Circle to towering sand dunes on the coast of France, these are its best bucket list-worthy natural wonders...

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  • Cliffs of Moher, Republic of Ireland
    Cliffs of Moher, Republic of Ireland

    The towering Cliffs of Moher stretch along Ireland's Atlantic coast, offering visitors an intoxicating blend of terrifying heights and some of the world's most beautiful scenery. In stormy weather, the cliffs and raging sea below are particularly impressive.

  • As Catedrais beach, Spain
    As Catedrais beach, Spain

    This stunning beach is home to colossal tide-carved arches and caves. During high tide most of the arches disappear underwater, but at low tide visitors are free to wander the sandy beach to marvel at nature's architectural skills.

  • Grande Dune du Pilat, France
    Grande Dune du Pilat, France

    Located in southwest of France, the Grande Dune du Pilat is the highest dune in Europe at nearly 400 feet tall. At 1.7 miles long and 2,000 feet wide.

  • Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
    Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

    Legend has it that this natural wonder was built by a giant, though geologists have since discovered that these basalt columns forming a cobbled path into the sea is the work of volcanic activity. Either way, it's amazing to see up close...

  • Fingal's Cave, Scotland
    Fingal's Cave, Scotland

    Tucked away on an uninhabited island in the Inner Hebrides, not many visitors make it to Fingal's Cave in Scotland. Like the Giant's Causeway, the sea cave is made up of massive basalt columns, giving it a magnificent sense of natural architecture.


Europe is home to an impeccable blend of cultivated beauty and natural wonders. While you'll find art and architecture dominating its cities, venture into Europe's wild side and you'll find inspiring ice sculptures, mysterious rock formations, and magical sparkling waters that date back millions of years. Here are Europe's best natural wonders that you'll want to put immediately on your bucket list...