The many faces of the Greek islands
Posted on 28/05/2017


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The beguiling Greek islands make both irresistible and unrivalled holiday destinations, beckoning visitors from far and wide, year after year. Here are our top 10 for every taste under the sun.

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  • Santorini

    With a kaleidoscope of colours comprising the craggy cliffs that imposingly look out onto the Aegean Sea, when it comes to scenery, there is no beating stunning Santorini. The island cradles a vast volcanic crater left behind from one of the biggest volcanic eruptions of all times, and its coral sunsets are simply spectacular.

  • Naxos

    Naxos exudes an otherworldly charm, retaining perhaps the most authentic ambiance of all the Greek islands. This is because it has not yet weathered under mass tourism or moulded itself to the needs of holidaymakers - enjoy the undiluted Grecian essence.

  • Mykonos

    Oozing the glitz and glamour resemblant of the French Riviera, Mykonos shimmers as much as the sequins studding your evening attire. Because on this island - you're going out out.

  • Paros

    Lagging behind in the shadows of its better-known counterparts, Paros boasts quaint cobblestone-paved gauntlets in its villages, but it is its water sports offerings which showcase the island at its best. This aquatic delight will put a giant grin on any windsurfing aficionado's face.

  • Milos

    With a jutting coastline, home to over 80 miles' worth of sprawling sands, put it on the map as a top beach destination. Hidden coves and secret bays pepper the sun-drenched shore.


No one can resist the achingly beautiful archipelago of the Greek islands. From the quintessentially whitewashed walls contrasting the glittering azure sea, there is little room for error when they are your holiday destination of choice.

The burning question, however, is which one to choose? No island identical to his neighbour, and such a bounty of natural beauty clustered in one place often leaves travelers disoriented when deciding which to choose.

Whether you're looking for a mecca for foodies or can't wait to surf the turquoise rollers all day long, we have compiled 10 islands for ten different holiday priorities.

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