Ferrari Land: Europe's fastest and highest rollercoaster opens in Spain
Posted on 08/04/2017


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With a zero to 112mph acceleration in five seconds, the newly opened Red Force at Ferrari Land in Spain makes it Europe's fastest and highest rollercoaster.

Red Force at Ferrari Land

Red Force at Ferrari Land
Patryk Kosmider/123RF

Europe's fastest and highest rollercoaster has just been opened in Ferrari Land in Spain. Comprised of 11 attractions, Ferrari Land is the latest addition to PortAventura World Park and Resort, on the Costa Dorada, not far from Barcelona.

Some 1,500 guests attended the opening ceremony at Ferrari Land, one of three theme parks on the complex. The Red Force ride , which accelerates 112mph in five seconds and rockets visitors to 367 feet claimed the titles for both fastest and highest rollercoaster in Europe. It purports to give riders the same sensations as F1 drivers hitting lightning speeds.

More than a subtle nod to Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Italian race car empire, Ferrari Land sprawls over 750,000 square feet and boasts buildings swathed in the brand's emblematic shade of red. In line with the brand's reputation for speed and innovation, the theme park has placed technology and adrenaline at the core of each of its 11 attractions.

Although the Red Force dominates both the park's skyline and spotlight, other attractions include immersive simulator Ferrari Experience and Racing Legends, a video game where you drive a Ferrari through the winding streets of Rome. Flying Dreams lets you virtually see vehicles and racing drivers up close, whilst the Pit Stop Record offers two teams the opportunity compete to change four wheels on a full-size F1 car as quickly as possible.

The theme park hopes to welcome 5 million visitors in 2017.

The world's tallest rollercoaster stands at a lofty 456ft at the Six Flags Great Adventure Park in New Jersey, but the Skyplex 360 will top its height once it opens in Orlando in 2020. The fastest rollercoaster in the world is found at the equally iconic Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, reaching a record-breaking speed of 149mph.

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