Exploring the Julian Alps


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This stunning mountain range runs along the border between Italy and Slovenia. From the dramatic peaks and rugged mountains to the quiet beauty of the lakes and parks, here is our guide to the Julian Alps.

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  • Explore Triglav National Park
    Explore Triglav National Park

    Slovenia's only national park spreads across 4 percent of the country's landscape and includes the south eastern section of the alpine range. The diverse and complex eco system along with its stunning natural scenery merited the area official ?protected' status, which was granted in 1981 with the establishment of the National Park. The park boasts over 1,600 types of plants and is home to more than 7,000 different animal species including: the Alpine Marmot, the Eurasian Pygmy Owl, Red Deer and Red Fox.

  • ...which includes Vingtar Gorge
    ...which includes Vingtar Gorge

    Making up part of the Radovna Valley, the gorge was only discovered in 1890 because it's so difficult to access. Since then, an arch railway bridge, Solkan Bridge, has been built over the top. The bridge is 65m long and 33m high making it the largest stone railway bridge in the world. The gorge itself has pools, rapids, and leads to the cascading Sum Falls - the largest river waterfall in the country.

  • ...and of course, Mount Triglav
    ...and of course, Mount Triglav

    Mount Triglav is one of the national symbols of Slovenia, which you may recognize from the country's postcards, stamps and even its coat of arms. At over 9,000 feet high, it's the tallest mountain in the country.

  • There are some stunning waterfalls
    There are some stunning waterfalls

    Sum Falls isn't the only waterfall worth checking out. The Savica (pictured), Pericnik and Kozjak waterfalls are also located inside the national park. At 78m high, Savica feeds into Lake Bohinj and is one of Slovenia's most visited attractions.

  • ...like Pericnik Falls
    ...like Pericnik Falls

    While Pericnik Falls is lesser known, it is still definitely worth a visit, especially in the winter when the wall freezes over making the most spectacular stalactites.


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