The best of New England's Fall Foliage

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When the leaves turn from vibrant green to shades of gold, red and copper you know that autumn has arrived in New England. As multicolored colored leaves swirl through the air and crunch underfoot, we are all momentarily transported back in time to our childhood. But this cornucopia of colors will not last long and soon enough the trees and paths will become bare and icy winds will signal the arrival of winter. In order to help you stack up on plenty of colorful memories we have compiled a list of the absolute best places to go in New England to enjoy this year's fall foliage.

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  • Bigelow Hollow State Park, Connecticut
    Bigelow Hollow State Park, Connecticut

    Stretching over 516 acres, Bigelow Hollow State Park is one of Connecticut's biggest forests. Make your way to Breakneck Pond in the rear of the forest, where you can go fishing for trout, small and large mouth bass and pickerel, although be advised the pond is only accessible on foot. It's one of New England's more remote forests, so as you walk down its winding paths the only sound you hear will be you crunching through the leaves and the birds singing in the trees. Don't forget to bring a map and compass with you!

  • Devil's Hopyard, Connecticut
    Devil's Hopyard, Connecticut

    Hiking, fishing, cycling, picnicking, and camping are all popular past times in this stunning state park. As for the name, there have been several supernatural sightings here over the centuries and legend has it that the witches would gather here, while Satan would sit above on a boulder on Chapman's Falls and play the violin. A walk through the trees, while sunlight filters through the leaves in autumn, is a magical experience. It also goes without saying, there's nowhere better to get into the spirit of Halloween than in a forest with such a memorable name.

  • Boston Public Garden, Massachusetts
    Boston Public Garden, Massachusetts

    Beech, river birch, weeping willow, oak and maple are just a few of the magnificent trees you'll see on a picturesque stroll through the Public Garden. Situated in the center of Boston, it was the United States' first public botanical garden. It's also a more convenient and shorter option for anyone who isn't up for hiking through the national parks (or if you've been put off entirely after watching The Blair Witch Project).

  • Bash Bish Falls State Park, Massachusetts
    Bash Bish Falls State Park, Massachusetts

    In the southwest corner of Massachusetts, is the beautiful Bash Bish Falls State Park. It's named after its most stunning attraction, the cascading Bash Bish waterfall that can be reached via one of the trails. There are numerous gorges hidden in the forest and as for wildlife, you might see a falcon or porcupine peeping out from behind one of the tall maples.

  • White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire
    White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

    All year round this national park is known for its spectacular scenery and breathtaking views. In the autumn time it's particularly stunning. Whether you choose to go for a scenic drive or lace up your hiking boots, from the rugged mountain peaks to the towering forests, a range of warm colors will dominate the landscape before you. The national park is also home to Mt. Washington, one of the highest mountains in the United States.


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