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50 Scandinavian sights to see before you die
Posted on 03/08/2016 , Modified on 04/08/2016


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Scandinavia isn't just home to reindeer and Father Christmas, it's a beautiful region rich in nature and history that's just waiting to be explored...

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  • 50 Scandinavian sights to see before you die
    50 Scandinavian sights to see before you die

    From endless days to perpetual nights, arctic tundra to chic cities, rich hisotry to the magical aurora borealis, Scandinavia is a Nordic world like nothing you've seen before.

    Words by Samuel Donnelly and Francesca Long.

  • 50. Bergen, Norway
    50. Bergen, Norway

    A beautiful city surrounded by seven hills and fjords, Bergen is known for its harbour and lively fishing market. We'd definitely recommend taking the cable car as well, it offers unparalleled, stunning aerial views.

  • 49. Kalmar Castle, Sweden
    49. Kalmar Castle, Sweden

    Although Kalmar Castle is more than 800 years old, it was redesigned in the 16th Century, leading to its current design as a Renaissance palace. In the Swedish province of Småland, the castle looks over the Kalmar Strait.

  • 48. Stockholm Skärgård, Sweden
    48. Stockholm Skärgård, Sweden

    Made up of approximately 24,000 rocky islands, Stockholm Skärgård (also known as Stockholm Archipelago) was formed by post-glacial rebound (when land slowly rises after being pushed down by a glacier) and is the largest archipelago in Sweden and the second-largest in the Baltic Sea.

  • 47. Nordfjord, Norway
    47. Nordfjord, Norway

    Located in the northern part of Sogn og Fjordane county in Western Norway, Nordfjord is one of the most famous fjords on the west coast of Norway and offers tourists fantastic hiking trails, breath-taking views and thrilling mountain biking trails.