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Flavoured oysters to be sold in France
Posted on 15/10/2017


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France is famous around the world not only for its incredible cuisine, but also of how protective it is of the traditions that govern its dishes. Enter Joffrey Dubault, a young fisherman who aims to reinvent one of France's regional delicacies - the humble oyster.

Could oysters be improved upon?

Could oysters be improved upon?
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However, So'ooh is not happy with just offering four flavors and is already working on new perfumes. Currently in development are chocolate and truffle flavored oysters which are set to be marketed for special holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Joffrey Dubault, a 29 year old oyster farmer from Oleron, an island famous for its oysters, has raised a few eyebrows with his decision to give the oyster a 21st century makeover. How is he panning to do that? By adding natural flavoring of course!

What is the motivation behind altering the taste of a traditional luxury delicasy you may ask. "It's never been done!" Dubault told Le Parisiene. "We are distinguishing ourselves and not just doing what everyone else does. People already buy flavoured water and yoghurts, and that doesn't shock anyone."

Mr. Dubault's company So'ooh has so far developed four flavors for the luxury delicacy: raspberry, ginger, shallots and muscat. The flavoring process sees the oysters placed in 400 liter trays filled with the ingredient that will provide the chosen flavor. Speaking to Le Parisien Mr. Dubault said that the water is filtered after a few hours leaving the oyster with a subtle natural taste. "It's really a natural cycle, we don't intervene with the product at all," he went on to add.