Top 10 best airport approaches
Posted on 26/02/2018 13 shares


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From sprawling beaches to white-knuckle landings with an epic view, we've compiled a list of our 10 favourite airport approaches.

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  • St Maarten International Airport
    St Maarten International Airport

    Photos taken of a plane's approach at St Maarten Airport look photoshopped. The mélange of sundrenched Caribbean beaches coupled with up-close plane spotting opportunities mere feet above your head mean incredible views, whether you're inside the plane cabin or chilling on the beach.

    © chalabala/123RF
  • Saba, Dutch Caribbean
    Saba, Dutch Caribbean

    Juancho E Irausquin is the only airport in Saba, a Dutch municipality in the Caribbean. It has the shortest commercial runway in the world, measuring just 1,299 feet in length, and on one side is fringed by craggy cliffs which give out onto a vast azure sea.

    © mountainpz/123RF
  • Nice, France
    Nice, France

    Located 3.7 miles southwest of Nice lies the airport whose views never fail to earn it a top 10 position in the ranks for the world's best plane approaches. You literally skim over the shimmering turquoise Mediterranean all with a spectacular mountainous backdrop.

    © IR Stone/123RF
  • Donegal, Ireland
    Donegal, Ireland

    The dramatic Irish coastline awaits you in Donegal. Voted the coolest place in the world to visit in 2017 by National Geographic Traveller, its second accolade of the year is that it has the second most scenic airport landing, beaten only by that of Saba.

    © spumador71/123RF
  • Gibraltar

    Boasting a very short runway with breathtaking views, Gibraltar's airport shares its space with one of the island's main roads. At just 500 metres from the city centre, you won't be forking out much for a taxi, either.

    © rognar/123RF

Everyone secretly hopes to bag the window seat on a flight. Whether you're in for the long-haul or are travelling close to home, an otherworldly view from above can set your heart racing with excitement long before you have reached your destination.

Jaw-dropping views can warrant the price of a plane ticket that might have left you out of pocket. After all, when might you have the chance to gaze at these priceless natural marvels again?

From London's shimmering cityscape to the cyan charms of the Caribbean, we've lined up our top 10 airports to land in at least once in your life - and you don't have to be an aviation buff to appreciate these gems.