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InselAir: UK Foreign Office warns against major Caribbean airline
Posted on 02/03/2017

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The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has expressed safety concerns about travelling with InselAir, one of the major carriers serving the Carribean and surrounding areas.

Travel warning issued for InselAir

Travel warning issued for InselAir
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The Foreign Office has issued a travel warning after safety concerns were raised about InselAir, a major Caribbean airline. The Curacao-based airline flies to 26 destinations across Brazil, the Caribbean, Colombia and the United States and carried 1.4 million passengers last year.

The warning advises UK government staff and citizens to avoid travelling with the major airline. It states that "the US and Netherlands authorities have prohibited their staff from using the airline while safety checks are being carried out. UK government officials have been told to do the same as a precaution".

Based on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, the airline also operates from its sibling hub in Aruba, a small island which lies off the northern coast of Venezuela. Although the carrier currently provides 70 flights daily, predominantly in the Caribbean and South America, it plans to extend its routes to Antigua, Barbados and Cali in the near future.

The company owns a fleet of 18 aircraft, and has partnerships with several international airlines, such as Air Berlin, KLM and Air France. However, for the moment it is best to choose another carrier to take you to the bleached-white sand and turquoise-emerald rollers of the Caribbean.

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