Posted on 04/12/2019

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Frozen 2 seeks to promote Icelandic tourism

Fans of the fantastic Frozen universe are welcoming the Christmas hit back to the big screen with a long-awaited sequel released in late November.

The adventures of Elsa and Olaf will continue in Frozen 2 where the enchanting storyline and stunning fictional landscapes take inspiration from the real-life magic of Iceland.

Let it go!

Let it go! Anna Om/123RF

Like it or not, most of us have had this song in our head since we heard the title! It's undeniable that this iconic Disney film has gone beyond what it means to be a worldwide smash hit. The first film, released back in 2013 has been translated into a whopping 41 different languages and brought in a colossal $1.276 billion at the box office.

Little kids and not so little kids across the world be happy to know that Elsa and Olaf are back on the big screen! Frozen 2 will once again offer viewers a magical fantasy experience and this time Disney wants to honour the beautiful Icelandic landscapes that inspired the film.

The Icelandic Tourist Office, Promote Iceland and Icelandair have joined forces with Disney for the release of Frozen 2.

Initiated by Disney Media & Partnerships, the collaboration is a perfect opportunity to highlight the beauty of Iceland's nature, shaped by water, earth, and air, and linking it to the hit film.