Frustrated baggage handler sends suitcases to the other side of the world
Posted on 20/12/2019


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A baggage handler at Singapore airport has been caught exchanging the labels of nearly 300 pieces of luggage over a period of several months. The man said he was angry and "frustrated" following a refused request for additional staff to help him do his busy job.

If you passed through Singapore airport between November 2016 and February 2017 and lost your suitcase, this story might answer a few of your questions.


A 66-year-old Singaporean baggage handler had his request for extra staff refused for reasons as yet unknown. The result of this dispute saw the man taking matters into his own hands.

The man is thought to have purposefully exchanged tags on around 280 pieces of luggage, sending them to a variety of far fetched destinations. Passengers travelling to London, Frankfurt, and San Francisco were most affected by this disgruntled employee's one-man protest leading to countless complaints. Finally, in November, the worker was forced to admit to his role in the chaos by coming clean to his employer.

Prosecutor Thiam Jia Min pointed out that the handler's actions could have had "potentially serious, even fatal consequences" with some passengers at risk of being deprived vital medication. At present, the baggage handler has been sentenced to 20 days in prison with an ongoing investigation that has the opportunity to see him given a much harsher sentence.