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Galway is the European Capital of Culture 2020
Posted on 08/10/2019


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Congratulations to Galway! This Irish city has been elected European Capital of Culture for 2020. To celebrate, the city is putting on a series of arts and cultural events.

The year 2020 will be a special one for Galway. This charming city was elected as a European Capital of Culture next year. It's an opportunity for Galway and its surroundings to show off their cultural heritage.

For the curious, here is an idea of the program that awaits you in 2020.

Galway: a festive county

Galway: a festive county
James Byard/123RF

The festivities will begin on February 1, 2020 and will finish up at the end of January 2021. Over the course of the year, no less than 1,900 events will take place in and around the city of Galway. In order to carry out this action plan, 154 projects will be set up during the year and 170 partnerships and collaborations will be set up with local, national, European and international artists. Galway is thinking big for the occasion.

The activities will follow one another throughout the seasons. But in a clever twist, the festivities will be scheduled according to the Celtic calendar with four major festivals kicking off each season:

Samain, which begins on November 1st of our calendar, corresponds to the dark season. This festival, which lasts several days, is marked by druidic rites, banquets, and assemblies.

Imbolc, which will be celebrated on February 1st, is a celebration related to purification and marks the end of winter.

Beltaine, on May 1st of our calendar, is the transition from the dark to the light season, focused on outdoor activities such as hunting and agriculture.

Lugnasad, which begins on August 1st, marks the beginning of the harvest. It is also a time of truce that celebrates peace, friendship and abundance.

Where landscape and culture are inseparable

Where landscape and culture are inseparable
James Byard/123RF

One of Ireland's greatest assets is its landscape, which is inseparable from its history and traditions.

The programme for the year 2020 is listed on the dedicated website for Galway 2020. Thus, it reads: "Throughout this Galway 2020 programme, the themes of language, landscape and migration come to life."

Everything is listed by season, theme and site. For example, you can discover the Baa Baa Baa project, which celebrates the cultural, environmental and economic contribution of sheep in Ireland, the Beyond the End of the Road event, which will highlight Galway's small towns, or the Closing Event Lumiere Galway, which will celebrate the end of the year in the European Capital of Culture in spectacular fashion.

While in Galway County, be sure to visit the Connemara site, the romantic Kylemore Abbey, or the Aran Islands, which can only be reached by ferry.

No matter what season you choose, Galway is ready for your visit!

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