Gatwick announces 180 million expansion plan
Posted on 07/12/2017

TransportUnited Kingdom

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In the summer of 2017, Gatwick Airport announced that it would embark on an ambitious capital investment project valued at 2.7 billion as part of its five-year plan. More recently, the successful London based airport has revealed plans for its 180 million expansion project with construction set to begin next year.

Gatwick, the second busiest airport in the UK

Gatwick, the second busiest airport in the UK

Gatwick airport's newest expansion plan aims to double the size of one of its North Terminal piers. The ambitious project will focus on increasing the size of Pier 6, but before work can begin, the construction of two enabling projects must be carried out first. These include moving the world's largest aircraft, the A380, from Pier 6 to the recently expanded Pier 5, and widening the taxiways between runways to accommodate the aircraft's 80m wingspan.

The expansion follows on from the record breaking growth of Gatwick Airport in recent years which has rendered the need for the ambitious expansion plan. The airport is keen to expand facilities, improve services and increase efficiency, whilst not compromising the airport experience for its passengers.

The airport's construction director, Raymond Melee, stated on Gatwick's official website that "Since coming into independent ownership, Gatwick has delivered record growth in passenger numbers and long haul services while also taking passenger satisfaction levels to an all-time high. As we plan to grow towards 50 million passengers per annum, we will focus on efficiency and service so that our passengers continue to receive the airport experience they expect, in the most sustainable manner possible."

Gatwick has chosen the US construction firm Bechtel to be the team behind the management of engineering and construction for the project. As a company whose expertise lies in managing construction projects within complex working environments, they are a wise choice for the expansion plan which, being in the center of Gatwick's airfield, is logistically challenging.

Bechtel will zork together with Gatwick's construction and development teams in ensuring the project is carried out efficiently, to the highest standard and with minimal disruption to the daily running of the airport. The project is scheduled to be put into motion next year and completed by 2022. So watch this space!