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Geneva airport to install 50,000m2 of solar panels
Posted on 14/10/2017


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A project announced this week will see Geneva's Cointrin airport install solar panels across 50,000m2 of roof space.

The airport already boasts 10,000m2 of solar panels

The airport already boasts 10,000m2 of solar panels
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The project is a joint venture between Geneva Cointrin airport and Geneva's industrial services department (SIG). SIG, which will own the solar cells for 25 years, has already committed to funding the 13 million Swiss francs (13.3mil $) required to finance the project. The first solar panels are expected to be installed in 2020.

The project was announced by André Schneider, the Director of Geneva's Cointrin airport, at a press conference earlier this week. According to Schneider approximately a dozen roofs of buildings that comprise the airport will be used to house the solar panels. Cointrin already has around 10,000m2 of roof space allocated to solar panels which produce one gigawatt hour of energy a year.

The area designated for the project equates to approximately eight football pitches and will produce enough energy to power 2,500 homes for up to a year, according to the new agency ATC. However, the energy that will be generated by the panels will be used to power the airport rather than the area around it.

Renewable energy sources play a vital role in Switzerland's move away for nuclear power. In May the Swiss population voted in favor of the government's 2050 strategy, which will see the country slowly decommission its nuclear power plants and shift to more renewable energy sources such as hydropower as well as solar, wind and geothermal power. According to the Swiss energy office the country should be able to produce 20% of electricity that Switzerland needs through solar power alone.