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Going solo : where to visit for travelling alone
Posted on 08/07/2016


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Whether you're setting out to 'find yourself', get away from it all or just enjoy travelling alone, you'll want to visit these locations.

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  • Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka

    Predominantly buddhist and very welcoming, Sri Lanka is a stunny place to explore, relax or get to know the local traditions. The site of elephants in their natural habitat is also fairly hard to resist!

  • Nairobi, Kenya
    Nairobi, Kenya

    With safaris aplenty and the options of joining a large group or arranging a guide to take you into the wilderness on your own, Kenya is perfect for adventurous travellers and Nairobi offers a good infrastructure so you'll be able to set up a base for your adventures with no hassle.

  • Havana, Cuba
    Havana, Cuba

    With low crime and lots of homestay options, Cuba is a fascinating country to explore on your own - and with the political landscape changing rapidly, what better time to go than now?

  • South Island, New Zealand
    South Island, New Zealand

    Horse-riding, skiing, kayaking, hiking, bungy jumping, skydiving and whitewater rafting are just some of the solo activities on offer. With the awesome scenery behind you, there's no limit to what you can do and see.

  • Dublin, Ireland
    Dublin, Ireland

    Ireland is renowned for the welcome it gives to strangers so pull up a stool in a traditional pub in Dublin and get you and the guy next to you a Guinness - you'll have a friend for life!


Although it can seem a daunting experience, travelling alone can be the ultimate self-indulgence with nothing, and nobody, to hold you back. So get up and go - explore the world and the 25 best places for solo travel!

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