Google accused of neo-Nazi propaganda in Sweden
Posted on 13/03/2018 3 shares

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Google has announced that they are taking measures in response to criticism concerning the accusation of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda through various research results which caused outrage in Sweden.

Google accused of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda

Google accused of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda
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A Google search for the Holocaust showed an anti-Semitic blog post desplayed high up on the search engine. The post contained information about Swedish news.

According to the local media a lot of personal information had been disclosed such as names, pictures and occupations. Alongside Swedish Jews' personal information being leaked there were dozens of them that were described in a humiliating and threatening manner.

The Swedish daily newpaper, Dagens Nyheter , reported that searches for the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement's propaganda website also appeared as news with "top stories from Nordfront-se" as seen on searches for media organizations.

The spokesman for Google in Sweden said that they are aware of what was going on and that measures were already being taken.

Dagens Nyheter reported that the company has adapted its algorithms to change this specific news search function.

According to The Local Google's Sweden branch Tweeted, "sometimes search results that both we and users find offensive can show up. But there are also concerns about suppressing material based on personal opinion."

The Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center revealed intentions of raising the issue with Google and also calling on Swedish authorities to reconsider laws on hate speech.