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Hotel offers 'space station' suite for 1,250 per night
Posted on 04/10/2015


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One hotel in Zurich is hoping to capitalise on the excitement of potential space travel, turning one of their suites into a 'space station experience' and charging an astronomical 1,250 per night for the pleasure.

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    International Space Station livestream
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Got more money than sense? Great, the latest hotel suite to hit Switzerland should be right up your street. Zurich's Grand Kameha hotel has designed one of its suites to look like the inside of a space station and is asking guests to fork out over 1,200 a night for the experience.

As well as a "zero gravity" bed attached to the wall, the room reportedly comes with screens showing space debris, spotlights inspired by rocket engines and a space glove protruding from the wall. You'll also be greeted by an automated female voice, inspired by Sci-Fi classic 'Dark Sky', and a TV with a livestream from the International Space Station.

But it's at least comfy right?

The suite was entirely designed by German artist and 'astronaut-in-training' Michael Najjar, who says he did not have comfort in mind when working on designs for the room. "The intention was not at all to create a comfortable bedroom," he said.

"It's more about creating an immersive environment which makes the hotel guest feel like living on a space station," continued the artist, who says his training with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Pioneer Astronauts over the past three years has influenced his work.

Who's going to pay 1,200 for a space suite?

Plenty, according to CEO of Kameha Grand Carsten K. Rath. "A guest who is art loving, a collector, a visitor of Art Basel or someone who would like to have an overall art experience," said Rath, when asked at whom the hotel suite was aimed.

But here's the really cool part. Included in the price of the 'space station suite' is a flight on an Airbus A320 simulator, as well as an hour and a half of playtime in a vertical wind tunnel - you know, the things that give you the sensation of jumping out of a plane.


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