Greece's most beautiful beaches
Posted on 02/08/2016


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Whether it's sprawling, fine white sand bordered by crystalline water, or small beaches of coarse, ivory-coloured sand, surrounded by turquoise sea, Greece really does have everything that a beach-lover could want.

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  • Balos Lagoon
    Balos Lagoon

    One of the most magical of all is Balos beach and lagoon in Crete. Located 17km northeast of Kissamos, between Cape Gramvousa and the smaller Cape Tigali, the incredible turquoise waters surrounded by beautiful greenery make this beach a must-see.

  • Elafonisi Beach
    Elafonisi Beach

    Another of Crete's finest beaches is Elafonisi, with its crystal-clear waters and unique, pink sand. Perfect for chilling out while enjoying the spectacular landscape.

  • Xi Beach
    Xi Beach

    Xi beach is on the Greek island of Cephalonia on the coast of the Ionia Sea. It's particularly spectacular for its reddish brown sand, one of the few places you can find such sand in the world. Surrounded by white rocky hills, the water is surprisingly shallow, making it the perfect place for you to spend a day paddling.

  • Kolona beach
    Kolona beach

    On the island of Kythnos in the Cyclades, Kolona beach is full of fine, golden sand, divided into two sections and, although relatively unknown, this beach is definitely worth a visit.

  • Kathisma Beach
    Kathisma Beach

    On the island of Lefkada, you'll find the beautiful, exotic beach of Kathisma. Here white sand meets turquoise water, with hammocks available for the perfect afternoon siesta.


Greece has some of the most beautiful and dazzling beaches in the world. With its 227 islands, Greece's beaches are natural gems - even better when you consider the fascinating history and sumptuous cuisine that the country has to offer!

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