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Heathrow passengers in July are down 88%, due to pandemic and quarantine
Posted on 12/08/2020

TransportUnited Kingdom

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Passengers at Heathrow airport have fallen by 88% for the month of July, in comparison to numbers last year. Indeed, only about 860,000 passengers have travelled through the London airport last month, but it is actually an improvement and is a result of the introduction of "travel corridors" that were put in place on 4 July, according to the airport staff.

More testing and shorter quarantines?

More testing and shorter quarantines?
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Because British holidaymakers were able to travel to some European countries without having to quarantine on their return, over 480,000 passengers travelled to destinations in Europe.

But according to the airport, 60% of its network is still grounded because of the quarantine measures on arrival, which is "preventing the UK from travelling to and trading with these countries".

Heathrow CEO commented: "Tens of thousands of jobs are being lost because Britain remains cut off from critical markets such as the US, Canada and Singapore. The government can save jobs by introducing testing to cut quarantine from higher risk countries, while keeping the public safe from a second wave of Covid."

According to him, the solution would be to put a PCR test in place on arrival, and then a shorter quarantine (5 or 8 days) before a second test.

He added: "We think a double test is the way to go, where we test people on day one and then on day five or day eight. At day five, you're picking up an 85 percent confidence level that someone doesn't have Covid, and day eight it is a 97 percent confidence level."