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Idyllic Croatian beach voted 'best in Europe'
Posted on 20/05/2016


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Yes, it really does exist.

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  • Welcome to paradise
    Welcome to paradise

    Stiniva was voted 'best sandy beach in Europe' in a poll by European Best Destinations.

  • Isolated from everything
    Isolated from everything

    The beach is only accessible via a steep hiking trail or by taxi boat from the neighbouring cove. Its sea entrance is less than 16 feet wide, limiting traffic in and out to small vessels.

  • Island seculsion
    Island seculsion

    It is located on the furthest island from the Croatian mainland, a two-hour boat ride from the city of Split.

  • From the air
    From the air

    It beat the likes of Tossa de Mar on Spain's Costa Brava and The Concha in San Sebastian to first position.


Sheltered from the gentle waves of the Adriatic Sea in its own private bay, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled across paradise on arrival at Stiniva beach on the Croatian island of Vis. Plenty more would agree with you too, as the beach has just been voted the best in Europe by tourism organisation European Best Destinations.

The beach, which sits on the southern side of the island not far from the village of Zuzec, is well known for its crystal clear waters, white sand and stunning cliff backdrop. It is accessible only via a steep coastal path or by taxi boat from neighbouring Rukavac cove.

Stiniva was voted the best sandy beach in Europe by travel company European Best Destinations following a poll of over 10,000 holidaymakers. It beat the likes of the Costa Brava's Tossa de Mar and San Sebastian's The Concha to take first place in the list.

As one of Croatia's most isolated islands, Vic has a particularly enticing draw for many visitors. It's the furthest inhabited island from the Croatian mainland, a two-hour boat ride away from Split's harbour, and is known for its collection of small hidden bays.


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