Posted on 20/10/2020

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Hogwarts in the Snow is back for Christmas and it's going to be a winter wonderland

This year has been challenging for everyone, but Christmas is coming up and in celebration of the festive season Warner Bros. Studio has decided to bring back the much awaited event, Hogwarts in the Snow, and this time it will look like a winter wonderland. There are brand new additions and features that have been added to elevate the Christmas experience, so if you've been waiting for the right moment to visit this magnificent place, then take this as a sign! Book your tickets and go on a magical adventure in the world of Harry Potter.

Covered in snow

Covered in snow Chavana Amornariyakool/123RF

Diagon Alley is one of the most popular sets in the whole studio, but we've never been able to see it during the Christmas season, on screen and off, until now. This year, guests will find their favorite fantasy corner of London covered in snow. The streets and shops will be dressed up with Christmas decorations and the studio has even whipped out their special filmmaking snow to make the experience as authentic as possible.

As per usual, the Great Hall will be set up according to the Christmas theme, with wreaths, garlands and glorious trees. The show stoppers are the long dining tables, which will look exactly the way it was shown on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. There will be a huge spread of food with roast turkeys, ham and pudding. They may look delicious but they're actually all props. Every year a grand event takes place in these halls called "Dinner in the Great Hall," however due to the pandemic this event had to be cancelled, but hopefully it will make a comeback next winter.

Hogwarts in the Snow wouldn't be the same without their brilliant SFX team that has been working tirelessly to pull off another great event. They've put unique features in every little corner to make the sets identical to what we see in the films. They even made sure that all the fireplaces in the studio are blazing with special effects fire!

The Gryffindor common room and Boys' dormitory will also be open for viewing and guests will be able to see what the dorm looks like during Christmas. They have used props that have been taken straight from the movies and they've added a personal touch for the guests by displaying Christmas cards that were handcrafted by the cast of Harry Potter.

Hogwarts in the Snow will be open from November 14 to January 17, and the tickets are priced at 47 for an adult and 38 for a child. This event is selling tickets like hot cakes so be sure to book your tickets in advance through their online portal. Warner Bros. Studio has equipped this attraction with all the necessary Covid-19 precautions to ensure a fun but safe experience for their visitors.

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The magic of #HogwartsInTheSnow returns to #WBTourLondon 14th November. Book your tickets in advance to see your favourite sets dressed for the festive season. ??

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