Paris' most glamorous hotel finally reopens


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After four-years of work and £155 million worth of investment, the newly refurbished Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel, in Paris reopened its doors to the public earlier this month. A look around the luxury hotel does not disappoint and we have the pictures to prove it.

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  • An elite hotel in a stunning destination
    © Copyright Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
    An elite hotel in a stunning destination

    Located in the upmarket Place de la Concorde and about 5 minutes from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Hôtel de Crillon draws the social elites. Since its founding in the 18th century, politicians, royalty and celebrities have walked through the hotel's grand halls. In early 2013, the hotel management handed over the keys to new owners, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, and by March the hotel was shut. Behind closed doors Paris' most famous hotel was undergoing a massive £155 million transformation.

  • Commissioned by the king
    © Copyright Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
    Commissioned by the king

    The building was constructed back in 1754, after being specially commissioned by King Louis XV. The king commissioned two "palaces" on Rue de Royale, near what would soon become Place de la Concorde. It was designed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, who was the most prominent architect of the time ? today he is also remembered for designing the l'École Militaire, which stands at the top of the Champ de Mars.

  • It's changed hands over the years...
    © Copyright Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
    It's changed hands over the years...

    They were originally meant to be government offices, but soon became home to Louis Marie Augustin, the Duke of Aurmont, who was a collector and patron of the French Arts. The second owner, the architect Louis-François Trouard, further embellished the building and had the Salon des Aigles (pictured after refurbishment today) built in 1775.

  • ...and witnessed the changing times
    © Copyright Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
    ...and witnessed the changing times

    In 1788, The Duke de Crillon bought the residence; however it was confiscated soon after during the French Revolution in 1791. King Louis XVI was guillotined in the Place de la Concorde directly in front of the building his father had commissioned just a few decades earlier.

  • It opened as a hotel in 1909
    © Copyright Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
    It opened as a hotel in 1909

    The building was eventually returned to the Crillon family who lived there for over a century. Then, in 1907, the Société du Louvre purchased the property and refurbished it, turning it into a hotel, which opened its doors to the public two years later.


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