In pictures: America's most incredible archipelagos
Posted on 19/01/2016

NatureUnited States of America

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You don't have to think of remote destinations when you hear the word archipelago. America's very own little-known groups of islands are just waiting to be explored.

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  • 1. Thousands Islands
    1. Thousands Islands

    The Thousand Islands constitute an archipelago of 1,864 islands that stretches across the Canada-U.S border over Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. This group of islands was once the home of pirates and wealthy patriarchs but has since become a boater's paradise, fisherman's playground, hiker's haven and a cyclist's waterfront adventure. Located on this beautiful archipelago is Singer Castle, a 113-year-old, 28-room mansion, possible to rent.


Forget all you think you know about America because this country is also the home of some of the most attractive and undeveloped archipelagos in the world. New York boasts some of the world's best freshwater diving and Maine has a village community covered in cranberries. What other surprises could America have up its sleeve...


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