Indonesia: The mystery of the walking fish


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Welcome to the world of weird and wonderful animals and let us present to you the fish with legs! A diver in Indonesia recently found himself face to face with a rather strange looking fish that had legs to help it move along the ocean floor.

Swimming off the coast of Bali, French diver, Émeric Benhalassa captured some amazing images of a fish that was quite unlike the others. He was in fact witnessing a fish that seemed to walk with two feet along the sea bed.

Following his discovery, the diver contacted biologists and researchers to find out more about this rare species. According to marine biologist, Hiroyuki Motomura, the claims of 'legs' are more likely 'filaments' used to probe the mud looking for food.

A 'pedestrian fish'?

A 'pedestrian fish'?
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As for identifying the species, it's still up for debate. In the United States, many ichthyologists (the science of fish anatomy) hold divergent opinions. Jeff Williams, from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington thinks it's a striped sting fish, from the Minous trachycephalus family, while W. Leo Smith from the University of Kansas, claims it's a Minous Pictus based on the colour of its scales.

Either way, this legged fish remains a mystery!

This article was originally published in French: Indonésie : le mystère du poisson qui marche

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