Posted on 22/10/2020

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Ireland and Wales go back into lockdown as COVID-19 gets out of control in Europe

As WHO urges Europe to put stricter measures in place in order to control the second wave, Ireland and Wales are already re-entering lockdowns. With coronavirus cases surging in Europe, countries are getting into tougher restrictions - Wales has started a lockdown of 14 days while Ireland is under a six week "stay at home" order. Other countries such as Italy and France are setting up curfews in various cities, while cafés and bars are shutting for a month in Belgium.

A dangerous situation

A dangerous situation © Olga Yastremska / 123RF

Both Ireland and Wales announced they would close all non-essential retail, leisure, hospitality and tourism businesses, and the Irish Prime Minister has also limited the population to a five kilometres travel (three miles) from their home.

These measures will be in place from midnight on Wednesday 21st of October, and are for now some of the strongest in Europe.

Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin argued that they were necessary since the "evidence of a potentially grave situation arising in the weeks ahead is now too strong".

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford also commented: "This is the moment to come together to play our part in a common endeavour to do everything we can together to protect the NHS".

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world has gone over 40 million on Monday, which includes 1.1 million deaths, and 250,000 of them are in Europe.

Belgium health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke commented, saying that in Brussels the situation was "the most dangerous in all of Europe". He added: "We are the most affected region in all of Europe. We are really close to a tsunami".