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Best places to see Japan's cherry blossom this spring
Posted on 03/03/2017


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Spring in Japan can only mean one thing: cherry blossom season. Here are some of the top spots for viewing the country in a beautiful shade of pink.

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  • Meguro Canal, Tokyo
    Meguro Canal, Tokyo

    This concrete canal offers a wonderful contrast between manmade and natural as you wander down through the cherry blossoms. Aim to arrive from late March to early April, when the blossom will be at its best.

  • Daikaku-ji Temple, Kyoto
    Daikaku-ji Temple, Kyoto

    Daikaku-ji is a Shingon Buddhist temple in Uky?-ku, not far from Kyoto. Various emperors ruled from the fantastic grounds of the temple, whose cherry trees still blossom every spring.

  • Nara Park, Nara
    Nara Park, Nara

    This public park sits at the foot of Mount Wakakusa and is one of the oldest parks in Japan. Almost 2,000 cherry trees are planted across the park, which is also home to thousands of deer, making it one of the most pleasant hanami spots in Japan.

  • Goryokaku Fort Park, Hokkaido
    Goryokaku Fort Park, Hokkaido

    This star fort in the Japanese city of Hakodate is one of Hokkaido's most popular cherry blossom destinations. The Goryokaku Tower Observatory gives a wonderful view from above of the surrounding fort and its spring blooms.

  • Hirosaki Castle Park, Aomori
    Hirosaki Castle Park, Aomori

    The grounds that surround this famous Japanese castle are a famous for their fantastic cherry trees. Well over 2,000 trees fill the park and often bloom during Japan's Golden Week, at the end of April into the beginning of May.


With spring just around the corner Japan awaits its famous cherry blossom season to arrive, turning the country a pretty shade of pink. The blossom sweeps the nation each year, usually arriving between late March and early May.

Visiting Japan during this magical "hanami" season as the country becomes covered in the breath-taking, iconic "sakura" flowers is a spring-time trip of a lifetime.

From city parks in the centre of Tokyo, to castles, temples and forts all over the country, to the high hills of Mt Yoshino, there are some spectacularly beautiful places to view the cherry blossom.

Don't wait around though, the cherry blossom season is relatively short, with full bloom (mankai) only taking about a week from the opening of the first blossoms. A week later blossoms will begin to fall from the trees.

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