Japanese firm has a novel way of making employees quit smoking
Posted on 06/11/2017


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Everyone knows it: when smokers go out for their nicotine fix, others stay at their desks. At the end of the day, some might have taken an extra half hour's break. After a month or a year, the difference is no longer negligible. A Japanese company has sought to tackle the problem and reward non-smoking employees.

Another reason to quit!

Another reason to quit!

Several times a day, smokers leave their post and go 'out for a smoke'. A few minutes during which they are not productive, while others stay and work. Piala Inc, a Japanese company which specializes in marketing, determined that smokers were given preferential treatment over the other employees, and the firm's management decided to allot six extra days of paid leave to employees who don't smoke.

It was initially suggested by a note in a suggestion box left by an employee, as was revealed by Piala Inc spokesperson, Hirotaka Matsushima. The CEO, Takuo Asuka, said the math was based on smoke breaks of 15 minutes twice a day. This measure also aims to discourage employees from smoking, a measure which might prove convincing.

This article was originally published in French.