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Lonely Planet announces top destinations for 2016
Posted on 28/10/2015


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The travel guide's top recommendations for 2016 are out, along with a few surprising and adventurous destinations.

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  • 1. Botswana
    1. Botswana

    Botswana has been championed with first position on the list due to its stunning landscapes and glorious wildlife that is amazing to be part of. As one of Africa's most stable and thriving societies, it is a pleasure to travel through the country and see a country so proud of its roots while being so well adjusted. Celebrating 50 years of independence in 2016, the country is an inspiring example of freedom and progression surrounded by sheer beauty.

  • 2. Japan
    2. Japan

    Nowhere really can compete with Japan when it comes to finding a travel destination that seems out of this world. Hugely different from any other place on our planet, Japan is full of new experiences. From the ancient rituals and disciplines to the futuristic uses of modern technology, it is a place of elegance and serenity despite the buzz of the enormous, exciting cities.

  • 3. USA
    3. USA

    The vast lands of the USA have always been wandered by travellers, but it has made the cut for 2016 in particular due to the outstanding National Parks. The incomparable canyons to the immense forests that continue for miles. The mountain ranges that have stood proud since the tectonic plates first moved, America's National Parks are one of their greatest attributes since they represent the idea of the freedom of their nationality. Road tripping in 2016? Look no further than Yellowstone or Badlands.

  • 4. Palau
    4. Palau

    The isolated Pacific archipelago can only be described as paradise. The pure white, tranquil beaches the islands will leave you relaxed and inspired. However, it is one of the best times to venture out to the bluest of seas as 100% of the marine territory of Palau has been turned into a sanctuary. Described as the 'Serengeti' of the ocean, it is a prime location for divers and those fascinated by marine life as home to many different species of underwater animals.

  • 5. Latvia
    5. Latvia

    After 25 years of shaking off the cuffs of Soviet rule, Latvia has worked hard to catch up with Europe. From the beautiful Baltic countryside with traditional castles to the quirky city centres, Latvia will surprise you in every way. With a touch of European style, a pinch of modern Nordic influence in their cuisine, and a rich cultural history there is plenty to see, whether you fancy the luscious landscapes, sunbathing on gorgeous beaches, or being a culture vulture in Riga you will be refreshed.


Assembled year on year by a team of professional travellers, Lonely Planet's Best in Travel is worth paying attention to. It not only shares the up-and-coming countries for the year, but has picked out top regions to visit and the cities that will be buzzing for 2016 too. Despite not all of the countries on the list being alternative and barely touched by tourists, the Best in Travel gives you fresh perspective on countries that you may not have considered travelling to.


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