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Say 'au revoir' to Paris' love lock bridge
Posted on 31/05/2015


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LOVE LOCKS: Pont des Arts bridge in Paris will close as hundreds of love locks are removed as of Monday.

Paris Town Hall authorities have confirmed that the 'love locks' on the city's famous Pont des Arts bridge will be removed as of Monday. The Town Hall has suggested that the hundreds of thousands of padlocks left by tourists represent a safety issue and have also left the bridge in a state of disrepair.

Paris has had enough of the tradition

Paris has had enough of the tradition

"Hundreds of thousands of locks are attached to certain bridges around Paris," said a statement from the Town Hall, "This phenomenon generates two problems: a lasting degradation of the heritage of Paris and also a risk to the safety of visitors, Parisians and tourists."

The Pont des Arts will be closed for a week starting this Monday while the locks are removed. The city has commissioned international artists to decorate 110 panels to be installed along the bridge's parapets as a temporary measure, before glass panels are permanently installed in October to prevent further locks being hung on the bridge.

"This is a strong first step, one that sends a clear message to tourists: Paris does not want love locks," Lisa Anselmo from the No Love Locks campaign told The Local, "We are thrilled, and hope this is the beginning of the end for this destructive trend."

Those behind the No Love Locks campaign are urging Paris to ban the locks and hand out fines to those caught "vandalising" the bridges.

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