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Lufthansa loses woman's cat on flight to Washington DC
Posted on 14/10/2019

TransportUnited States of America

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Sad news for Molly Mcfadden, who learned that her cat Milo was lost by Lufthansa at Dulles airport in Washington DC on October 3. Saddened but hopeful, she has turned to social media for help.

Lufthansa has recently been named one of Europe's best airlines, but they somehow managed to lose a passenger's cat. An American woman by the name of Molly Mcfadden was flying to Washington DC from Germany where she had been living for 4 years with her two cats, Milo and Beau.


In a publication dated Friday, October 4, Mcfadden, who goes by Molly Jean on Facebook, shared a picture of her cat with this caption: "I flew home after 4 years stationed in Germany last night only to lose my cat, Milo, at Dulles airport, D.C., somewhere during transport between the gate and baggage claim. If you know me even casually, you know how much i [sic] love my little guy."

Despite their blunder, Mcfadden made a point to praise the airline and the airport saying, "The Lufthansa management team and staff at Dulles have been so helpful, but it breaks my heart that I can't help look for him since he's probably still hiding near the tarmac."

Mcfadden's cat was was travelling in the hold and was lost sometime during the transfer of bags from the plane to the airport when its travel crate was damaged. When Jean arrived at baggage claim, a baggage attendant was there to meet her. Her cat Beau was still inside its crate, but the door to Milo's crate was pushed in and the cat was gone.


Mcfadden is unable to search for the cat herself in the airport or on the tarmac for safety reasons. Harmless traps with food have been set up in different areas around Dulles airport to lure the animal back to safety.

In the meantime, Mcfadden is inviting people to share her story as much as possible on the internet to help her in her search. She has even set up a hashtag for the missing cat: #MiloIsMissing.

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