While Europe struggles with the second wave, Mallorca and Ibiza are already preparing for the third wave
Posted on 15/10/2020


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While most countries around the globe are fighting with a second wave of the covid-19 pandemic right now, Mallorca and Ibiza have officially announced during a press conference that they are getting ready for the upcoming third wave. If the coronavirus cases are now slowing down in the Balearics, their government is however already making plans to handle the next one.

Getting ready

Getting ready
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General director of public health Maria Ant˛nia Font said that the second wave was retreating, but ultimately admitted: "There will probably be a third. We don't know when it will arrive but we are working on all scenarios as we don't want it to take us by surprise. We waited for the second to arrive and it arrived earlier. We are analysing what margins for improvement there are regarding the first and second waves."

One of the solutions to deal better with a third wave would be using antigen tests, as they give a result in just 20 minutes. They could be used in schools, homes and airports, and would work particularly well for asymptomatic cases.

"We have different diagnostic tools to launch at the right time", commented the director of public health.

In order to be fully prepared, they have already installed a number of express COVID testing stations, including a couple for school children.

Over the past week, there have been 65 cases in Mallorca, and a 3.62% positive rate for PCR for the past couple of weeks.

According to international sanitary recommendations, the incidence should be below 60 and the positivity rate below 5%, so Dr. Arranz commented: "We still have a few weeks left".