Man holds up Vueling plane by hiding in the toilet
Posted on 12/12/2019


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A flight from Barcelona to Dublin was disrupted just before take-off.

A plane destined for Dublin and flying under the Spanish airline Vueling, was interrupted by a man who was trying to escape identity control by hiding in the toilet.


The man had already been identified during boarding due to doubts over the authenticity of his identity and travel documents. After failing to produce his boarding pass to the hostesses and while waiting for the security guards to arrive, the intruder took advantage of his moment to stay on the plane.

The impostor sat down with his fellow passengers before realizing that he'd been caught. A flight attendant asked all passengers to take out their boarding passes and passports but when she reached his row, the man ran into the toilet. Another passenger tried to stop him in vain. A video on Twitter shows the aftermath of the drama with police intervening to remove the intruder from the cabin.

As a precaution, all passengers had to leave the plane and re-board. As a result, the plane, which was supposed to leave at 12:40 pm, was delayed by 2 hours taking off around 3:00pm.