Man threatens Air China cabin crew with a pen
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Chinese authorities release details of a man who threatened airline crew with a fountain pen, leading to a diversion of an Air China flight on Sunday.

Mr Xu held a flight attendant hostage and has been taken into custody

Mr Xu held a flight attendant hostage and has been taken into custody
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Mr Xu, 41, was taken into custody and had a history of mental illness.

The Air China flight CA1350 was heading to Beijing from Changsha but it had to make an emergency landing in the Henan province.

No passengers or crew were harmed during the incident.

Photos have been circulating on Chinese social media. They show the flight attendant being held around the neck and being threatened with a pen as a weapon.

According to the BBC, Henan public security bureau in a statement on Weibo said, "the man onboard flight CA 1350 had a sudden [flare-up] of mental illness when he held a flight attendant hostage."

The security bureau added that the flight was forced to make an emergency landing at 09:58am local time on Sunday and was diverted to the Chinese province of Henan.

By 10:50am all passengers were safely escorted off the aircraft.

According to the BBC it is has not yet been confirmed by the security bureau when, or if, Mr Xu had been released.

He is believed to be from Hunan's An Hua County, where he was taken into custody.

In line with the Beijing Morning Post, Hao Junbo, a Beijing-based lawyer, explained that the man would not be held criminally liable if he was proven to be suffering from mental illness at the time.