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Manchester now has designated lanes for pedestrians on their mobile phones
Posted on 15/10/2019

SecurityUnited Kingdom

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Whether you're answering a text message, playing a game, or reading the news: there are plenty of reasons to be glued to your phone! However, walking on the sidewalk with your eyes fixed on your device prevents you from focusing on what is happening around you. And accidents happen quickly! To avoid such an incident, the city of Manchester has found a solution: a section of the sidewalk for people on their mobile.

According to a British survey, 30% of English people are forced to walk while looking at their phones. Within this 30%, 27% run into another person without even apologizing. Manchester's initiative aims to improve relationships between individuals.


It was the director of AO Mobile, Richard Banxendale, who encouraged this resolution, noting that Brits were increasingly addicted to technology. To ensure everyone's safety on the pedestrian crossing, the City of Manchester has set aside a space exclusively for ultra-connected passers-by. The goal: walk safely without disturbing anyone else. It's also designed to avoid more severe accidents like traffic collisions.

On Hardman Boulevard in the Spinningfields district, you can find 246-foot strips on the ground. These special pedestrian crossings are indicated by signs. This location was chosen as it's a high traffic area thanks to its many bars and restaurants. There, if passers-by aren't paying attention, they can find themselves in trouble!


Other cities across the UK could adopt this practice if it turns out to be a success. Of course, there will be no penalty for those using their phones outside these aisles.

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