Architectural eyesores: the world's ugliest buildings
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Architecture can really make or break a city - here are ten blunders we're sure the designers would like to forget.

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  • Geisel Library
    © Mariusz Jurgielewicz/123RF
    Geisel Library

    This questionable building is found at the University of California in San Diego. It's named after Audrey and Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss), so we don't understand how an ode to creators of such beautiful tales turned out to be so monstrous.

  • Verizon Building
    © tupungato/123RF
    Verizon Building

    This architectural disaster sullies the sparkling skyline of the Big Apple. It stands at whopping 32-storeys high, and there's nothing subtle, or indeed tasteful, about it.

  • 432 Park Avenue
    © tomas1111/123RF
    432 Park Avenue

    Deemed resemblant of a giant matchstick, new-addition to New York, 432 Park Avenue continues to be a bone of contention. At 426 metres high, composed of a mere 96 floors, it is the tallest residential building in the world. That being said, at the end of the day it still looks like a stack of Rubik's cubes.

  • The Walkie Talkie
    © irstone/123RF
    The Walkie Talkie

    Generally thought to be the least popular building in Britain, The Walkie Talkie in London has previously been described as a 'gratuitous glass gargoyle graffitied on the skyline'. Offensive and brash, it is a new breed of in-your-face heinous.

  • Montparnasse Tower
    © razvanphoto/123RF
    Montparnasse Tower

    Absolutely butchering the traditional Haussmannian architecture for which Paris is so well-loved is the boisterous Montparnasse Tower. They say that you can attain unrivalled views of the city's skyline from the top of it, but that's probably because you are inside the one monstrosity which could ruin the view.


From the imposing heights of the Chrysler Building to the timeless beauty of Notre Dame, there are myriad architectural feats studding skylines around the globe. Tourists come from far and wide to marvel at the majestic Taj Majal, but unfortunately other buildings were created at the shallow end of the gene pool.

From the phallic to the downright monstrous, we have compiled the top 10 ugliest buildings around the world. Just what were they thinking?

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