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Nairobi Market Fire
Posted on 28/06/2018


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15 people have died and over 70 have been injured due to a massive blaze in the open air Gikomba market at around 2:30 local time (23:30 GMT on Wednesday).

15 dead and over 70 injured in massive fire outbreak

15 dead and over 70 injured in massive fire outbreak

According to the Kenya Red Cross, the flame broke out at Kwa Mbao area at around 1 a.m. while it intensified around 2:30 a.m.

The victims were henceforth rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital and other hospitals in the city.

Many have been reported to have inhaled poisonous gas or been burnt in this tragic event.

The fire has spread across the market and residential apartments nearby. Some of the people have succumbed to serious injuries while helping others to escape the fire or protect their valuables.

The police and rescue team are currently on the ground helping people to evacuate.

It is suspected that the number of injured is higher than reported. A multi-agency search for bodies and survivors has been set up by the regional commissioner.

Gikomba market has been subjected to many such fires in the past and this is the seventh fire break out in the last ten years. Most of the market was destroyed due to a similar incident last year in October.

With Kenyan officials on the ground, the situation is under control, but the physical and mental loss faced by the people of Kenya is great.